With Honors

Honors Not sure why, but tonight I was thinkin’ about an old movie called “With Honors.” It’s one of my favorites. If you’re ever in Blockbuster or remember when you’re putting together your Netflix Queue – it’s a good one. I’d give it two thumbs up!

The movie centers on a college guy who is really ambitious about graduating “with honors.” Through a weird series of events he ends up meeting a homeless guy and they become friends. I don’t wanna give it all away, but there are some great lessons about priorities and remembering that people are always important to God – even homeless, throw-away-and-ignore-type people. (To God that type of person doesn’t exist because everyone is important.) Anyway – check it out if you get the chance.


06-06-29Miranda and I saw the movie “Click” the other day. It was not as funny as I thought – more serious – of course anything with Adam Sandler has some funny stuff too. Anyway, it was a better movie than I expected. Makes you really think about how even the small, boring, or “not fun” things in life are important. Made me think about treasuring every moment I have in life. Even the parts I hate – like watching “So You think You can Dance” with Miranda.

Da Vinci Code Lies

06-05-22Just thought I’d share some of the stuff I found and talked about at U-TURN.

Jesus was NOT married to Mary Magdalene.

Not even one of the 4 gospels makes any reference to this. And the interaction that you see between the two of them in John 20 – there’s not even a hint of this kind of relationship between them. Besides, the whole idea of Jesus being married doesn’t work ’cause we (the church) are the bride of Christ. We’re the ones He is going to be married to. When Jesus speaks of “going to prepare a place for us” it was a reference to a Jewish wedding custom where the groom would go and build an addition onto his fathers home where he and his bride would live. All this is to say Jesus is married to us – not Mary Magdalene. The idea that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene comes from some other books which are not included in our Bible. These books (The Gnostic Gospels) were written between 150ad and 400ad – long after the books we have in our Bibles. There is also no way of really knowing who wrote them. For example the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas couldn’t have been written by the disciple we know as Thomas simply because Thomas would have been dead by the time the book was written. The Gospels we have were all written Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – people who were eyewitnesses to the claims they were making.

The Council of Nicea was NOT the first time Jesus was considered to be God.

check back and I’ll finish this post later. . . . .

Chronicles of Narnia

05-12-12Chronicles of Narnia – Whoa! I just saw it movie yesterday! It was great! I’m not really into the whole fantasy genre (Lord of the what???? Well done, but just not my thing.) But this was not a typical movie. I loved all the imagery and Christian metaphors.

Lucy (disciple) stumbles through a wardrobe (salvation) to discover Narnia (spiritual world) – the land which always existed, but she had never seen.

Lucy (disciple) tells others about Narnia (spiritual world) and they don’t believe her.

Lucy’s brothers and sister only believe when they have experienced it for themselves.

Everyone tells them about Aslan with a sense of expectation and reverence.

Aslan (God) was both someone to be feared and someone to find friendship in.

The White Witch (Satan) was strong, but even she feared Aslan.

The everlasting snow curse (sin) began to melt as soon as Aslan showed up.

Edmund (Judas) betrayed his brother and sisters.

Turkish Delight (temporary satisfaction) began Edmund’s doubt about Aslan.(God)

The promise to rule Narnia is Edmund’s motivation for betrayal. (Ours is the promise to rule our own lives.)

People who have been snared by the white witch (Satan) are turned to stone. (Those who have fallen to Satan have hearts which are turned to stone.)

Aslan (God) can breathe on them and they come back to life. (We are given new hearts by God.)

Aslan (God) sacrifices his own life for the sins of his followers to satisfy the “deep magic.” (Old Testament Law requiring death for sin.)

Aslan (God) dies on the stone table (cross). When he is resurrected, there is an earthquake and the stone is broken. (The stone in front of Jesus’ tomb is moved.)

Susan and Lucy (women) were the first to see the risen Aslan.

Aslan (God) crushes the White Witch (Satan) in the final battle.


These are just a few of the things I noticed. Check it out yourself if you haven’t seen it already.