Various – Hard to Categorize

Passover Seder Haggadah

I have had the opportunity to lead several groups through a Passover meal from a Christian perspective and I put this guide together to accompany the experience. It’s still one of my favorite things to teach.


Run Camp Curriculum

We must “run the race marked out for us,” and yet we have already won. Jesus said, “It is finished.” We wrote this curriculum for a High School camp of about 300 students.


Quiet Time Journal

Students in our youth ministry were struggling with how to spend their times with God so we put this little resource together to give them some ideas.


Holy Lands Journal

My journal entries from my trip to Israel. I hope to make another trip one day with my wife and kids. It is a life-changing experience and gave me a fresh new understanding of the Scriptures and how the landscape plays a role in everything we read.


Seed Planting for Parents

In youth ministry, I often had parents ask how they could help guide their children toward spiritual maturity. Each year, I gave this to the parents of our new students as they entered into the youth ministry.