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Written for Miranda, Kasen, & Kesleigh

Just Wanna Be with You

Miranda first heard this one on our wedding day during our first dance. She was definitely surprised that I had secretly recorded it.

Fade Away Lullaby

Written for Kasen when he was first born. Jon Godbold wrote the original song and then I rewrote the lyrics as a lullaby.


This one was recorded for my kids when they were little. This is my version of a Trout Fishing in America song.

Shining Star

My friend Jon Godbold wrote this one as a gift for Miranda and I when we got married. Mike Briscoe helped him record it. Awesome gift!

Throne Together Full Albums

Knock Just a Little

Our first CD and first recording experience. We had a blast working with our friend Mike Briscoe. In spite of our lack of ability, there are some great songs here.

The Return

We had a few tough situations during this effort losing our drummer and friend, Buck, but God blessed our efforts and used these songs to bring about healing for us all.

Unreleased Tracks

Just a few live recordings and some songs we played around with.


Written for Throne Together

Show Me Your Face

I wrote this one as a response to a teaching by Scott Crenshaw about seeking God’s hands or His face – seeking His blessings or seeking Him.


I was single for a really long time and this was written as I longed for a bride. Part of it was written in Israel.

Throne Together Songs I Sing On

All for You – by Jon Godbold

This song became my favorite worship song for a while. It took on new meaning for me when we lost our drummer, Buck.

Everlasting King – by Jon Godbold

Another song we taught our congregation. They always sang out when we did this one.

If – by Jon Godbold

It was lots of fun singing this one with Shana Googer/Manna.



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