Christmas Shepherds – Dec 2021 – The shepherds in the Christmas story are a great example of how we should respond to God. They listened to God. They ran to Jesus. They told others about Jesus. They worshipped Jesus.

Triumphal Entry – 2021 Palm Sunday – Jesus did not ride into Jerusalem on a big war horse with a mighty army conquer Rome. How could a donkey and some peasants with palm branches be a triumph?

The Sword of Gratitude – 2019 Thanksgiving – Gratitude can be a Sword against the Darkness. When faced with death itself, Jesus sat down to a simple meal, broke bread, and gave thanks, wielding the Sword of Gratitude. This message explores how gratitude defeats the darkness.

Faithfulness – 2019 Summer – Part of a sermon series at GBC on the Fruit of the Spirit. This sermon dives into some of the old testament traditions of how treaties were made. We get to discover God as our Sovereign and recognize our role in faithfulness as well as His ultimate faithfulness to us, His chosen people.

The Good Shepherd – 2018 Summer – Jesus wasn’t just teaching us about Shepherds and Sheep in John 10. He was confronting the Pharisees! His message was subversive.



Joshua – 2017 Winter – We did a series at Grace Bible Church taking Old Testament stories and connecting them to Jesus. This was my contribution. I’ve always loved how many parts of this story point to Jesus. Handout: Joshua/Jesus Comparison



Come to Me – 2017 Summer – A good understanding of the ancient Jewish Educational system answers many of the puzzling things in the New Testament.




Ruth Series – 2016 Fall – I preached this series during a time between pastors at Grace Bible Church. One of my favorite Biblical Stories. Boaz is awesome!!!



Passover Haggadah – I taught about the Last Supper and went through the Passover meal with a group from Grace Bible Church. Here’s the link for the guide: Passover Haggadah



Hag Story – For students at Lake Jackson FUMC. An allegory/story I heard from Rob Morris (who heard it from Dave Reaver) depicting the life/pursuit of a Christian.


Worship – Psalm 95 – A sermon I preached at Lake Jackson FUMC one Sunday when the Pastor got sick. The basic outline is from a Voddie Baucham message on the same passage.


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