Devotionals and Testimonies

7 Checkpoints Devotionals

This compilation of devotionals was written by youth ministry adult volunteers and students from Tomball UMC. We were working through the 7 Checkpoints series for students by Andy Stanley and worked diligently to assemble our own set of devotionals to accompany the study.


Moses Devotionals

This compilation of devotionals was the first thing I ever compiled and assembled for a retreat. Our students were camping in Big Bend National Park and were hiking from the desert to the mountaintop. Moses was the obvious story to study. The devotionals were written by several members of the church.


Mexico Testimonies

Tomball UMC students took a mission trip to Mexico where we led open air worship services, did children’s ministry, soccer ministry, and some physical labor (digging holes in the desert). These testimonies were written by the students who attended and complied to give as a gift to the church members who supported our efforts financially.


Arizona Testimonies

Lake Jackson UMC students traveled to Arizona with One Way Ministries to work on the Tohono Oodham Reservation. Our students did worship services and children’s ministry in villages spread out all over the reservation. Most had no running water. These devotionals were written by those who attended and were given to church members who financially supported the group.