I’ve decided to take this “General Epistle” class as one of my two pass/fail classes. This means that my grade will only depend on a few of the assignments and my attendance. I will not receive a letter grade (so it won’t count for me or against me in my grade-point average), but only a pass or fail. I’m choosing to do this because Dr. Loken led us to believe that this may be the most difficult class remaining in the leadership program and because I need a little extra time to work on the “independent study” class which I am taking simultaneously. It’s a “marriage and family” class which will count for a sociology credit. During the next 4 weeks, I’ll focus my attention on getting the homework done for the marriage class. Miranda and I have planned to go to a friend’s beach house in Galveston in a couple of weeks with her family, so that’ll be a great time to work on that homework too.

Tonight was “Student Appreciation” day at CBS. That means that we get a longer break and have speaker share some sort of message (very short) and a band or group sing some songs. They also usually try to give us some food. Tonight was James Coney Island Hot Dogs. I probably shouldn’t have eaten at all but after seeing the hot dog competition on ESPN a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t help myself – I had to know what those hot dogs tasted like. It was pretty good, but I certainly can’t imagine shoving 66 of them down my throat in 12 minutes. (Joey Chestnut, 2007 Fourth of July Event)

(oops – I already ate that hot dog, but now I realize it isn’t a james coney island contest but a Nathan’s Hot Dog contest – oh well)

A “B”

I love my school! It has been a huge change for me over the past year to get into all these new habits of studying for school in addition to all my normal studies for my job and teaching and all, but it’s been good. I feel like I’m learning how to think again. I’ve really been challenged both in my thinking/theology and in my scheduling/priorities.

This week for example has been really crazy. I just left La Porte FUMC this morning at 6am so I could come to class today. I normally attend the evening class, but this week is UM ARMY week and so I’ve got other commitments (I’m leading worship and doing programs) tonight and decided to come to the morning class. Anyway, this is also the last week of class this time around (Acts and Paul’s Epistles), which means that all our homework and stuff is due next week. Up until this summer, I had straight “A’s” for all my classes, but I took my first “B” last time ’cause I just didn’t have time (because of my summer schedule) to finish all the work.

It appears that this class is gonna be the same. I could probably really push forward and get the “A”, but I also have a life outside of school (Remember, Miranda is pregnant) and so I’m just gonna have to settle for the “B” again this time. I love all this stuff, and it’s really good for me, but my bride and having some time with her has simply got to be my first priority – besides, a “B” is still a good grade. I’m really hoping that once the summer is over, I can get into a more regular routine again and get back to the “A’s” I used to get.