Walking the Mosquitos

Kasen and Daddy after their walk
Kasen and Daddy after their walk

Kasen and I went for a walk this morning. Considering the swarm of mosquitos around us, you might say we took them for a walk. Anyway, Kasen loves it! He points out every car and especially loves the school buses. He also gets excited when he sees birds. It’s fun for me to listen to him as he rambles on about the different things he sees. He still has a long ways to go as far as learning his words, so his rants are interesting. I become a code breaker trying to discern what he means. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a snapshot of our life together this morning.

Here’s a video of some of Kasen’s first words. You know you live in Lake Jackson when your child’s first words include “Mosquito.”

Kasen and the Mosquito Bite from Steve Corn on Vimeo.

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