A Father’s Love

I once heard Rob Morris, an amazing Christian speaker and co-founder of Love146, talking about how much he loved his son. He described how he used to sit up late a night with a video camera zooming in and out of his little hands, and then his feet, and then. . . Anyway, his wife came in and told him to come to bed, but he was too excited to sleep and was having so much fun watching and treasuring his son late into the night. I didn’t really understand how true this story was until Kasen was born. This video will probably be boring to everyone else, but I love it. The music was written by a good friend of mine and I wrote the lyrics to make it a lullaby when Kasen was born. I wonder if God looks over each part of me and rejoices the way I do over Kasen?

Kasen Lullaby from Steve Corn on Vimeo.

I wonder if God looks down on us and treasures us like I do with Kasen?

I wrote this song based upon the tune that my friend Jon Godbold wrote.

Another friend, Rob Morris talks about how he would video his children and zoom in on each of their parts simply ’cause he loved them so much. I did the same thing.

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  1. I’ve come accross your site several times, so, i feel compelled to share this about Brian McLaren: http://www.carm.org/emerging/brian_mclaren.htm I heard Rob Morris of Love146 referrence “Adventures in Missing the Point” by Mclaren, so i was researching him. and I’ve also heard Mark Driscoll alerting Christians to some errancy on McLaren’s part.. so, ..curious if you were concerned about that or not? thanks! brian

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