Student Leadership

We’re doing a short little series on leadership with the students in our church and so I’ve been teaching some of the things I’m learning in class. It’s been fun ’cause some of them are really into it. They’ve got lots of good questions.

We also started a group this week for those who want deeper studies. They’ve all said their willing to do homework in developing their relationship with God. Anyway, we had our first meeting and talked about the vision I have for the group. We also discussed what materials to use, and they want more of the leadership stuff too. It’s exciting to think what God is gonna do with this. I believe this group can and will be leaders in the church of the future, and so this opportunity is really exciting! To be a part of developing the leaders of the future – it’s kind of overwhelming to think about.

Thank you God for letting me be a part of it. Help me to follow You through the whole process. AMEN.

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