DISC Profile

We also did the DISC Profile personality assessment in class the other night. My scores were:

Dominate –  D = 42
Influencing – I = 41
Steady –     S = 19
Compliant – C = 18

I’m clearly a “DI” personality – (Dominate Influencer)

According to this test I am a fast, risk-taking guy who expresses himself. (I’d say that’s pretty accurate.)
As a DI personality style blend, I naturally act assertive, persuasive, and free-spirited because I want variety (and sometimes control). If I perceive that everything will remain the same (status quo) I may respond emotionally. I am most comfortable being decisive, enthusiastic, and unstructured. When I feel fears of the status quo it causes tension for me. Under tension, I may challenge others or demand action. If this intensifies the conflict I may become sarcastic or blame others.

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  1. I know this was some years back, but do you remember what it means from Natural Style vs Adaptive Style? What if these numbers vary? What if you’re a high D/I Naturally, but a high I alone Adaptively? Also, what if you’re a low C Naturally but score much higher in C Adaptive Style?

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