Hypostatic Union

This is the term used to describe Jesus’ humanity and His divinity. The idea that he is both God and man at the same time is strange. When Jesus came to earth from heaven as a human, he also took on a new nature (human nature) which he had not experienced before. These two natures are united together perfectly in Jesus, but they still maintain their separate identities. Jesus (the God-man) is fully human, but he is fully God at the same time. How this works is one of the mysteries of God that has stumped mankind for many generations. He is one man, but has two natures. Whoa! This concept is important to us too – here’s why – Jesus had to be God so He could live perfectly without sin and could become the “perfect sacrifice: for our sins. He also had to be human so that God could die. By becoming a man, Jesus also became the ultimate priest. By being God, He was able to properly act as a Mediator between God and man.

How does this impact my life? In every way. It’s only because the Word was made flesh that I have been saved. Jesus’ death and resurrection (pictures of His humanity and divinity) secure my new life. It is in serving this man, that I find myself serving God. Cool stuff.

(Info from “The Moody Handbook of Theology” by Paul Enns, pg 227-229)

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