Meridian State Park

Gosh, I’m not even sure where to start this post. That title alone – MERIDIAN STATE PARK – conjures up so many images and emotions within me. Meridian holds memories of friends, campfires, fried fish, rock climbing, hiking, Bee’s Ledge, Herman, water balloons, swimming, guitars, and singing. It makes me think of people like my dad, JET, Deason, James, Jackie Jo, Schlotzhauer, Chris, Bulldog, Chuck, Ronnie, Shayne, Robin, Todd, Dowdy dude, Brandon, John, Mary Francis, Joni, Wendi, Stephanie, Holly, Mike, Seabolt, Susan, Jaime Jo, and so many others. Connie, Tinker, Susan, Yvonne – truly the list goes on and on. And the crazy thing is that each item on this list is a memory. Most importantly, Meridian is the place I gave my life to Christ. It’s the place that everything else in my life hinges on. If it weren’t for the people and relationships that I made that Wednesday night (July 18, 1985), I honestly don’t know where I’d be.

By the way, this ID pic was taken of me just a month or so after that Wednesday night. As you can see, I was well on my way to a really great mullet – the 80s were so cool!

Joe, my youth minister, invited some folks to go to Meridian this past weekend. I was the first to arrive, and so I walked around the camp alone just praying for about 45 minutes before anyone else showed up. As I walked, everywhere I went, it seemed like every step I took my mind was flooded with these emotions and memories of something which had happened in that very spot. I thanked God for each of those events and for the people connected with them.

Joe talked Saturday night about the “Standing Stones” from Joshua 4 which were set up to memorialize what God had done in that place. (Stopped the Jordan river from flowing so the Israelites could cross and enter the Promised Land.) When people would come across a standing stone in later generations, they would ask the question, “What did God do here?” and then they would worship Him in that place. (No! These people are not bowing down to a standing stone, but to God. The stone only reminds them of the Lord’s work.)

Anyway, as I thought about Meridian this weekend, I realized that Meridian is the first “Standing Stone” Memorial that I have in my life. It’s the place that began my life with Christ. As I have continued to live my life with Christ, there have been many others. I can look back at quite a few other memorials and see where God has moved. Some of those include: Jan 3, 2004 and my Beautiful Bride, the day my dad died, the Godbolds, the Wesley Foundation @ A&M, Mike Mathews, The Wave, Throne Together, my trip to Israel, Mercy Ships, and now Lake Jackson. There are still many others both past and future, but it sure makes my life easier knowing that I can look back at each of these events and see very clearly that God moved. My faith almost doesn’t seem like faith, because I have had so many evidences or revelations of God in my past. Each of these memorials has made me who I am. When I step back and look at all of them together, each one adds to the other to point me down the road for my future. I still don’t know what my future holds, but with each of these anchor points it sure seems like God is leading a particular direction. His wind is mighty, my sails are up, I’m excited to imagine what’s next.

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  1. Great post Steve! I also will always remember Camp Meridian. It always meant so much to me to go and it really would lift me up spiritually. I would love our nightly campfires where we would sing and you could feel the Holy Spirit moving among us. It was a special time

    I remember everyone too, even though I left Crowley UMC, with a lot of hurt feelings and for quite a while lived out of God’s will because of what all happened. Even with that, Camp Meridian was a special time and place for me.

    LOL!! I remember that photo of you 🙂 The 80’s were a really BAD time for hair…for both guys and girls! LOL!! Mullets for boys and wall bangs for girls. Or even worse…horror of horrors…BOWHEADS! Were you with the group that shoe polished my car when we lived WAY out in the country, that my Dad scared off with the shot gun? LOL!! That was too funny, just pumping the shot gun up sent them scattering!

    I don’t see many people from Crowley UMC often, except for my cousin Mary Francis and the last time I saw her was in September when our baby passed away. I’m not sure when y’all moved or if you had heard, but Mary’s nephew, Nathan died several years ago (Kelly’s son). You’ll have to email me sometime and fill me in on anyone you’ve kept up with. There are so many people that meant a lot to me, but I’ve lost track of. You can email me at

    I’m so glad that you’re happy and have had a good life. I was sorry to hear that your Dad died. How is the rest of your family (Mom, Roger & Brenda)?

    Hugs & Blessings!
    Susan McNiel Godfrey

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