Routine and Surprises

I’m 39 years old now. There’s really not much in life that surprises me. Life has become very routine. It’s a good routine, don’t get me wrong, but it’s still a routine – well, for the most part. Even when things don’t go as planned, they really don’t typically surprise me. My bride and my son Kasen are the joys of my life, and yet, I pretty well know what they’re going to do. And if I don’t, they still don’t surprise me, ’cause I know their character – I know what makes ’em tick – what motivates them to act a certain way. I love the consistency of it all. I love the fact that my relationships are strong enough that I have come to expect a few things and am rarely disappointed. I love being able to anticipate Kasen’s laugh when I wrestle with him and the look on Miranda’s face when I reach out to hold her hand. I really love routine. I guess it’s probably true of most people. We like to know how things are going to go – what it’s going to feel like – you know, we like knowing, so we can be prepared to respond the right way. Maybe it’s a control thing or a prideful thing, but we still want to keep up appearances and pretend like we really have things together.

Anyway, all this is to say, Miranda and I have chosen to go against our own human tendencies for control and consistency. We decided not to find out if our next child is going to be a boy or a girl. We want to be surprised!!! We’re anticipating the moment of birth when the doctor will say, “It’s a beautiful baby __________!” I’m sure we’ll break out into tears of joy either way, but there’s something about not knowing that makes this journey more fun. It has become an adventure.

Does a treasure hunter know exactly what he’ll find at the end of his search?
How much fun would Christmas be, with unwrapped gifts under the tree?
It’s all kinda like those people who read the last page of a book before they begin the journey.

Yeah – I want to know how it’ll turn out, (if it’s a boy of girl) but I already know I’ve placed it all in God’s hands, so isn’t that good enough? This way, when the doctor says, “It’s a beautiful baby ________!” I won’t have any idea. My response in that moment will be the overflow of my heart.

I’m excited about that day, but I’m even more excited about our child. Will he/she look like Miranda or me? What will they like to eat? Will he/she play football with Kasen and I? Will he/she like to sing? Will he/she come to know Jesus in a life-changing way? What kinds of places will we go to together? Who will he/she marry? What will he/she fight with Kasen about? Will he/she live Godly lives and love the Lord?

I’m so grateful to God for routine and for surprises!!! Both are truly a blessing!