MuteMath Concert

I have had the pleasure of going to two great concerts this past month. U2 with Miranda was a couple of weeks ago and then I saw Mutemath this past weekend with some friends. It was a whole different kind of show and I knew Miranda would have hated it. She loves Mutemath – she just doesn’t like standing for 4 hours straight and without being able to move. This was another concert that was on my Bucket List too. (One more to cross off) Anyway, here’s the story in pics.
We got our tickets and stood in line to get in beginning around 7pm. I went with some friends from our church praise band – Josh, Melissa, Katie, Tiffany, & Tim and also got to see some old Tomball friends there Andrew, Brook, Rebecca, Jonathon, Tyler, Neil, Martha, Joey, & Tim. I also had a stranger approach me and ask if I was “Steve Corn.” It ended up being John Michael Betik who was a youth who came to “The Wave” years ago. He recognized me but knew that I wouldn’t recognize him ’cause he’s changed so much over the years. Anyway, it was a cool thing to hear how God used that time once again.
The Warehouse

Another pic from when we were in line. Not sure how I feel about the other bands who were gonna play on the following nights, but it was nice to see Mutemath on the marquee. (At least I knew we were in the right place.) By the way, they sold out that night.
LiveKeytarThese live shots really don’t capture it all very well. Mutemath is a great live band. They can definitely put on a show. There were lots of really creative moments – they had connected drum triggers up to some small lamps which made for a fun light show/drum solo. At one point they also used a projector to light up drum heads vertically as they were being played. The drummer stood on top of one of his toms as it was being held by the audience above their heads and then did a “Nestea” plunge onto the crowd. The sound was great. With everything they did in the studio, they were also able to really pull it off live too. Anyway, it was great.

The only downside to the evening was that we drove out of our way to go to Jason’s Deli and after paying $5 to park, we discovered they were closed. Ended up eating Popeye’s. . . oh well, it’s not the food I was hoping to remember anyway.

U2 and my Bucket List

Lift Off!! U2 took us off the planet for a couple of hours last night. They called the stage “our space station” and at one point in the show the rocket launched. Away from the cares and worries of this world and into the skies soaring into a beautiful cloud of song.

I had to update my Bucket List today in order to account for the awesome night that Miranda and I had last night. We saw U2 for their 360tour. Miranda bought tickets back in April (before we knew we’d lose my job.) as our birthday gift to each other. Quite possibly the best concert I’ve ever seen. It was a great night of awesome music from some of the greatest musicians the world has ever known. They put on a great show. Every time you think you’ve seen it all, they’ve got a new trick up their sleeves and Bono does a phenomenal job of interacting with the crowd. He seems to really care about his audience.  The Christian messages that are sprinkled into their lyrics were also very encouraging for Miranda and I during this time in our lives. Some of our favorite songs from the night were:

Mysterious Ways
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
City of Blinding Lights
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Amazing Grace
Where The Streets Have No Name
With or Without You

Here are a couple of pics. U2


U2 stage

Father’s Day – Savoring Family

I was at my in-laws house earlier today and we celebrated my first Father’s Day. There are all kinds of jokes about in-laws, but mine break all the stereotypes. They’re great! They have truly welcomed me into the family and I feel at home when I’m with them. (The only place I don’t feel at home with them is in the pantry, but Mike is hardly allowed in there himself. – LOL)

My father-in-law, Mike loves to eat. It doesn’t matter what he’s eating, he always sits down and enjoys every bite. It’s a normal thing to see him sitting at a table alone when everyone else is in the living room on a TV tray or on the floor. He knows how to savor his food.

Anyway, there’s a scene in the movie the Bucket List where Morgan Freeman comes home. He clearly loves being with his family. The scene shows him at a crowded dinner table passing food around laughing and then when they pray together, he sneeks a peek at his loved ones. He is truly contented – savoring every moment with them.

In that scene Morgan Freeman plays the role of my father-in-law – Mike. He lives for times like today – when his crowded house becomes a home for everyone – when the Krolczyk’s show up and he and Leroy can whisper together – when the guys meet around the grill and the girls leave together to “run some errands” (that’s code for “we haven’t bought any Father’s Day gifts yet.”) – when he is torn about whether to hold Kasen, Kallie, or  Reid – times when smiles are common and laughter is contagious – He savors those moments as if he is storing them in his heart for a rainy day. He is proud of his family. He loves his family and would give anything for them. He is a true Father.

I hope and pray that my home will be filled like that one day. Thanks – Mike and Patti for your example and for treating me as one of your own. The Bible describes children as arrows. (Ps 127:4-5) I’m sure Mike felt like his quiver was full today, and I know he savored every moment of it – it was all over his face.

Thank you God for my family, and Miranda’s family, and the things we’ve learned from them – the examples they’ve shown to us. Give Miranda and I a home full of family too. Empower and lead us to aim our arrow (Kasen) correctly and guide him to take ground in advancing the Kingdom of God. AMEN.

Bucket List

Bucket I just saw the movie “The Bucket List” last night and thought I’d make my own list of things I wanna do before I “kick the bucket.” I’m sure this list will change over the years as different things become important for me, but I’m gonna at least get started with my list here.

I’ll mark those things I’ve completed in blue.

Follow Jesus – Live for Him
Be an awesome husband and father
Teach my children about Jesus with how I live
Live a risky life – take chances
Get in shape
Spend a week alone
Live in a real Biblical community
Get my Bachelor’s degree – Aug 2008 – Biblical Leadership from College of Biblical Studies
Help plant a church
Spend a month on the Mission Field with my family
Write a book
Race a car around a track a few times
Helicopter Skiing
Travel back to Israel
Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef – travel Australia
Kiss Miranda in Golden Gate Park as the sun sets
See a volcano in Hawaii – June 2010
Get my mother-in-law to go camping in Colorado
Go on an African Safari
Climb to the summit of a mountain
Whitewater Raft through the Grand Canyon
Spend a summer camping with family
Record a CD of my own songs
See U2 live – Sept 2009
See MuteMath live – Oct 2009

I know there will be more ideas later. I’ll just add them to the list.

Here’s another list of some amazing things I’ve already been able to do.

Marry the most amazing woman in the world
Dance under the moonlight with Miranda
Witness the birth of my children, Kasen & Kesleigh
Travel to Israel
Work under an incredible leader – my father-in-law
Grow up in an incredible family

Kiss Miranda at the top of the Empire State Building
Tell my dad goodbye on his deathbed
Recorded 2 CDs with Throne Together

Play and sing on stage leading hundreds in worship

Youth ministry
Disciple youth and lead them into relationship with Christ
Watch on as youth I worked with go into the world serving Christ doing missions in Africa, Egypt, Costa Rica, Thailand,
planting churches, Leading worship, serving their church

Traveling Experiences:

Travel the World with My Father-in-Law:
London/England – John Wesley/Soul Survivor
Rome & Italy
New York – Brooklyn Tabernacle
Phoenix, Arizona – Church of Joy

Go to Continuing Education Conferences in:
Nashville – Worship Together
Ginghamsburg, Ohio – Media in Worship
San Francisco – National Youth Workers Convention
San Diego – NYWC
Dallas – NYWC
Saddleback – Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry Conference
Willow Creek – Youth Ministry Conference

Family Vacations:
Las Vegas
Washington DC
Tons of Ski Trips

Places I’ve gone with Miranda:
New York
Florida – Honeymoon
Colorado – skiing
Gulf Shores
Mexico Cruise