Eulogy – Tyler Corn – Roger’s Son

My dad had a procedure to take fluid out of his body on Thursday December 19th, he did not feel right after that and went to the hospital that following Saturday morning. He fought hard these past few weeks and I know that he is at peace now. The Wednesday before he had his procedure done me and him went to eat at a restaurant he picked out, we then went to get his mom a Christmas present. I will forever be grateful that I got to spend this day with him and eat one of his last good meals with him. I am also very happy that he got to see me graduate college this December.

For a few months he had been telling me how much I was going to like my Christmas present to that he got me. He seemed really excited for Christmas. His mom and sister also told me how much he talked about how excited he was for Christmas. The Sunday before he passed me, my brothers and my mom went to the hospital and opened the presents that he got us. We also got him a blanket that he used until the day he passed. I am very thankful that the last memory he has with me and my brothers was opening presents together.

I have many great memories with my dad and in the past 6 months he has been back to his old self. My dad played a very big role in making me the man I am today. He taught me how to live my life and although he had a few bumps in the road he was a great dad to me and my brothers and there was no doubt that he loved us. One year we were camping in Colorado and on the way there we heard the song simple man. Later that trip me and him were sitting around and he told me that he wanted me to live my life like the song simple man explains. I will always remember this moment and try my best to live this way.

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