Not Surprised

I am always surprised by the things God does. How He provides. How He speaks. How He. . . .

However, when I look back over my life, I see His consistency in all things. He is always faithful to provide. He is always speaking. He is always working, loving, guiding, intervening. . . He is always. . . He is God.

If I reflect on His character and our relationship, it’s not surprising at all that He would do these things. Why am I surprised?

Maybe my surprise reveals my lack of faith? Or maybe it reveals the greatness of God? He is beyond my imagination and comprehension.

I suspect it’s actually both.

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  1. Hey Steve,
    Actually, I think God has made us to be surprised (also curious, loving, strong, silly, …) I think that when we are surprised by God’s presence, footprints, uplift, and sense of humor, that God resonates with a “Yes!”
    You surprised me as I stumbled around the ‘net today. Thanks.
    Peace and Blessing,

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