Road Trip Rules

Summer is the season for road trips and so I thought this little post might be helpful – Or at least a little fun. I don’t know about you, but it seems like every time I load the car, I start feeling a little like Clark Griswold. “We’re all gonna have so much . . . fun we’ll need plastic surgery to remove our . . . smiles.” I think it’s a dad’s job to make sure the family has some fun, whether they like it or not!!

Anyway,Ā  here are some of our rules for road trips. I’d also love to hear your ideas. You could make our family road trips better this year!


1. Daddy is in charge of music.

2. Kasen & Kesleigh choose movies which supersede any music choices daddy has. (Well, sort of. Daddy could override but chooses to give Kasen & Kesleigh preference out of his GREAT love for them. . . OK – maybe it also has to do with mommy and daddy’s sanity.)

3. Bathroom stops must be at least 2, NO! wait . . . 3hrs apart. Kasen is still being potty trained and so he can stop and pee on the side of the road whenever he chooses. Kesleigh can pee in her pull-up. Miranda can stop drinking Dr. Pepper!

4. Bucee’s is the best choice for a pit stop. All other rest stops are inferior. (One exception: The Czech Stop south of Ft Worth on I-35. Their kolache’s are amazing.)

5. Cherry Sours are vital to daddy’s road health. Judson-Atkinson are the best! (Thanks to my friend Jason Hess for the introduction.)

6. If you must travel with your dog, one should use extreme caution when navigating the “mine field” found in the Bucee’s patch of grass.

7. Good food choices for places to stop include but are not limited to: Arby’s, Braums, and Chickfila if they have a playground.

PS – Louisiana Exit 80 on I-10 used to be on the list, but evidently has a new less cleanly owner.


Extra Rules added by Miranda:
1. Car must be loaded down with Capri Suns, Fruit Snacks, and Dum Dums for kids.

2. Milkshakes should never be placed on the center armrest and then immediately elbowed onto the floor! (My bad baby. I’m sorry.)

3. Country music must be allowed on beautiful sunny days. (Can I veto this one?)

What other rules would you add?

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  1. I remember you falling asleep really quickly….on my living room floor. I thought it was just exhaustion from being in youth ministry šŸ™‚

  2. BTW, I was reminded me today that my mom used to bring a bag of coins in the car – when we were grade school age, and she'd have a list of things we were looking for – like I spy…and the list would include I've give you a penny for a yellow vw, a nickel for whatever etc. We weren't allowed to write it down, we had to remember. It was to help us build memory, keep us occupied, and she had a long enough list that each one of us were usually honed in on 2 or 3 different things were looking for. Good game for all ages b/c even she'd have things that even the youngest could look for and money motivates.

  3. When my kids were growing up, videos weren't a possibility, so our # 1 rule was we leave on the road trip about an hour before bed time, the kids sleep all the way and mom and dad suffer the next day taking turns taking naps. Our # 2 rule once they started getting older and could read numbers we'd show them on the clock "you can't ask how soon are we going to be there until the first number on the clock is "5"…..that was knowing of course that we'd be there by "4".

    1. I like the idea of leaving right before bedtime, but Miranda isn’t so excited about it. A couple years ago, before I had my C-pap machine, I had a tendency to fall asleep pretty quickly so she is rightfully scared of driving with me at night. Life is different with the c-pap, but habits/fears are hard to break.

  4. Two things honey: 1) I will never stop drinking Dr. pepper but I do have a fairly large bladder. And 2) You may not veto!!

  5. I don’t know if i have rules for traveling but I do have some suggestions. 1. play games that will make them look out the window…alphabet game, license plates from different states. Just something so they see some of this great country we live in. 2. rest stops have picnic tables and grassy areas for the kids to run and play and burn some energy. Bring soccer ball frisbee, bubbles. we usually had a picnic lunch for at least the first day of travel. 3. jolly ranchers, & atomic fireballs are my favorites. 4. Every one gets a turn at choosing the music! Back then it was one cassette tape or cd 5. not sure if it is still available but we enjoyed a book called off the beaten path – gave unusual things to see in every state. 5. hopefully at least one in the family is good to read in the car…read out loud. When my boys were in early elementary we read the boxcar children books – chapter books

  6. I just looked online for the book – looks like they still have it it is Off the beaten path and it is by readers digest, One of our most memorable trips was 14 days and 4000 miles and 14 or 15 states. Josh was 6 and Jon and Joel were 2.

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