SnowmanLast Friday, it snowed here in Lake Jackson and even more in Pearland. We were up in Pearland (my in-laws house) preparing for our family pics at Penneys and so Kasen and I built a snowman. It was his first experience with snow. He was having tons of fun, but couldn’t enjoy it too much ’cause he was also so cold. (The snow was real wet.) One minute he’d be telling me he wanted to help build the snowman and then the next he was ready to go back inside – we’d head toward the door and then he’d want to go back and build the snowman again – just couldn’t make up his mind. He was torn between two worlds. The cold, fun, and passion of building the snowman on one hand and the warmth, safety, and security of the house on the other. I’m glad to say, that in the end he chose to stick it out and finish the snowman. If this is an indication of his life, he’ll be the guy taking all the risks – living life to the fullest. I pray he’ll grow up to be that kind of man – One who won’t be afraid to take a risk and dream big when it comes to expanding the Kingdom of God – an arrow in my quiver, (Ps 127:4-5) one which breaks through on enemy territory taking ground for God.

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  1. haha – no, we moved to pearland right after we got married and actually moved to friendswood 3 1/2 years ago – i teach in pearland and we go to church in pearland – we definitely need to meet up! i would love to see you and miranda and meet your kiddos and let yall meet tyler!

  2. we go to crosspoint church (formerly crosspoint fellowship) and yes we both help with youth and do music – we love love love our church and the kids – we both had such great experiences in our youth groups that we want to be a part of it

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