Our Glorious Boaz

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Jesus is our Redeemer!

On March 19th of his series of evening devotionals, Charles Spurgeon refers to Jesus as “our glorious Boaz.” I just finished studying the book of “Ruth,” and couldn’t agree more. Jesus really is “our glorious Boaz!” Check out all the things Boaz did that foreshadows Jesus:

Boaz came to survey his field. Jesus came to survey his field, the earth.

Boaz looked out and saw Ruth. Jesus has seen us.

Boaz pursued Ruth. Jesus has pursued us.

Boaz spoke to Ruth kindly. Jesus spoke to us kindly.

Boaz went beyond the requirements of the law and even offered grace to Ruth. Jesus has gone beyond the requirements of the law all the way to grace for us.

Ruth found favor in the eyes of Boaz. We have found favor in the eyes of Jesus.

Boaz was considered a “man of standing” among his people. As a sinless man, Jesus stands high above all other men.

Boaz was a “near kinsman” to Ruth, and Jesus stepped out of heaven and took on flesh to become our near kinsman.”

Boaz was able to redeem Ruth. As a sinless man, Jesus alone was able to redeem us.

Out of his love for her (not obligation to the law), Boaz was willing to redeem Ruth. Out of Jesus great love for us, he too was willing to redeem us.

Boaz paid the price to redeem Ruth. Jesus paid the high price of his own life and death on the cross to redeem us.

Boaz took Ruth as his own bride. In the same way, Jesus will return to take his bride, the church.

In addition to Ruth, Boaz also redeemed the land. When Jesus returns, He will also redeem the earth and everything in it.

Anyway, I just love this stuff. Long before Jesus was roaming the earth, God was preparing us and working to show us His character. Even in the midst of crazy times (Ruth took place during the time of the Judges), God was at work. Those are the kinds of things that really give me hope for our situation right now. I’m hanging on to stories like Ruth ’cause I need some redemption too.

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  1. Love the book of Ruth… and what a neat perspective. And technically, Boaz was a forefather of Jesus so maybe it runs in the family. Ok, maybe not but it’s still so beautiful.

  2. one of my favorite thing about studying the book of ruth was studyiing the title deed to the land… takes you to the sealed document in revelation! it’s chilling!

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