Back from the Future

Just Call me Marty McFly
Just Call me Marty McFly

Yes, I went back in time last night. (or at least it seemed like it.) Miranda and I had driven to Nacogdoches for a wedding (congrats Deana!) where we stayed in a very nice old hotel called Hotel Fredonia. Our friends Josh and Shana were sharing the room with us. Anyway, Josh and I took a little walk ’cause Miranda had to feed Kesleigh. We walked down an old road made of bricks and came to a Dolorean – you know like Doc and Marty McFly drove. The silver one with suicide doors. (It was missing the Flux Capacitor.) From there, we walked on up the road and found town square and an old clock. I’m pretty sure I even saw an old theater down the street like the one in the Back to the Future films. Anyway, it was just a fun little experience that I thought I’d share. Especially since I had a great pic to post with it.

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