A Forest Dream

I had a dream last night that I was running around a forest with some friends. It wasn’t like we were running from anything. All I know is that we were running. We were up on a hill overlooking a subdivision of houses, but running further into the woods. I was naked and was hiding behind leaves, trees, etc – but I didn’t seem to care too much. We came across a strange U-shaped rock formation which you could get underneath. Somewhere along the line, I forgot I was naked. Together, along with some people we met near the formation, we began to build a glass roof over the inner part of the “U.” This created a cool room underneath which let the light in and illuminated everything. It was a room which was very organic – very much a part of it’s surroundings. Our plan was to make it a restaurant. Then I woke up.

I woke up wondering what in the world was this all about? Here’s my best guess at an interpretation.

Restaurant = Church

The only thing I’ve ever wanted to be a part of building is a church – a community of people who are seeking and serving Christ together. Restaurants are also places where people are served. So a new church must be the restaurant.

Naked = Vulnerability

In order to plant a church like that, I will have to be very open and vulnerable – I’ve also always felt like my personality allows me to be vulnerable pretty easily. Maybe that’s why I didn’t care about being naked too much.

Rock Formation Room/Organic = Type of Church/Community

The church I would hope to be a part of building (which by the way, may not have a building at all) is one which would be a community of people who sort of melt into the landscape and surroundings by serving their community. A group of indigenous people.

Friends = Partnership

I can’t imagine embarking on a process of planting a church all alone. I’m guessing that’s why my friends were with me.

Other thoughts: I’ve never really thought much about where I could plant a church, but maybe there’s a subconscious part of me that realizes I might be best suited for planting just outside a populated area. Maybe we were running further into the woods reaching people.

Anyway, that’s my best guess. Anybody else got any thoughts?

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