Is God’s Sound System Loud Enough?

I was reading a book recently and one of the characters asks the question?

"Are we good enough to hear God’s voice everyday?" When I read it, this image popped into my head of God standing on a stage, tapping a microphone saying, "Is this thing on?"

Here’s the good news: "Can we hear God every day?" is the wrong question. Instead, we should be asking if God is big enough to get through to us every day. Of course the answer is "Yes." He’s a very big God. He doesn’t need a sound system at all – as a matter of fact, it’s in the quiet moments that He sometimes speaks the most clearly – it’s described as a "still small voice" in 1 Kings 19:12. So I guess the question remains – why don’t we hear Him? If He’s big enough to get through to us, why doesn’t He?

Maybe it’s cause we’re not listening. Maybe He chooses not to talk until we’re listening. I mean really. . . why waste His breath? It’s not like we might accidentally hear – if that was the case, He’d know it and He’d speak and we would hear. Maybe it’s cause He already knows we’re not willing to do the things He’d ask. Maybe we’re just not ready to hear what He’d have to say.

Anyway, if we don’t hear from God, I think it has more to do with us than God. 

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