More of a Man

I just wanted to post the lyrics to this song ’cause I can totally relate. I could have practically written this song. Anyway, it’s really good.

More of a Man – Andy Gullahorn

I took my grandad’s twenty-two
when I was in the second grade
I shot a deer right in the heart
rubbed his blood upon my face

The summer when I turned sixteen
I got up each day before the dawn
I was building barns and bailing hay
Worked harder than the day was long

Now I’m thirty and I have three kids
I watched dora the explorer in the morning
I feel a sad truth sinkin in
maybe I was more of a man back then

used to be that my daily fair
chicken fried steak and bar-b-que
I had Dr pepper at every meal
ice cream when the day was through

now I’m watchin my cholesterol
my metabolism is slowing
tonight its salad once again
surely I was more of a man back then

I used to watch Jean Claude Van Dam
killin guys on the silver screen
now every night with the kids in bed
we watch gilmore girls on DVD
surely I was more. . .

So I suck in my protruding gut
on our monthly dinner night
You’re sayin’ somethin’ about the kids
as I watch these young men pass me by

I remember, I was just like them
I was lonely but I called it independent
and if lonesome is what manly is
baby, I was more of a man back then

I’m so glad that my life has changed. It’s so much better (beyond description) with Miranda and Kasen. I must admit however that there are times when I feel this same sort of sense of my masculinity being somehow stripped away. Whenever those thoughts creep up on me, I look for ways to make me feel more like a man. There isn’t much that a good chicken fried steak and big glass of Dr. Pepper can’t mend!

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