A New Church

I had to write a paper for class the other night about a new church. The assignment was to read 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus and using only those books come up with a plan for building a new church in your neighborhood. Since I have always wanted to be a part of something like this – it was a fun assignment for me. I stayed up way too late studying those books so I could finish my paper for class. I could have done that paper in about 30 minutes, but since I was into it. . . . .I just did more than was required. I wonder if this was really an assignment from Dr Loken, or if it was a reminder from God of some of the things He is doing inside my heart? Now, don’t start freakin’ out or think that I’m gonna leave my job as a youth minister or anything. I believe God has called me to this place right now in my life and besides, I’ve got a lot more studying to do before I’d feel ready for something like this. It was just a lot of fun the other night just imagining what God could do if I were to step out in that kind of faith.
It’s not important to put all the details down here, but if you’re interested in how I answered that question, I’ve attached the word file that I turned in for the assignment.

This is rather long for the assignment, but not nearly long enough or detailed enough for actually stepping out and doing it. I also would study much more than just those 3 books if I were in a place that I was considering acting on it.

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