A few weeks ago in class we watched a video about Passover. Zola Levitt did a teaching on it and walked through each of the parts of the Passover meal explaining how it all points to Christ. Of course the Jews today have been blinded to that. . . . .

Anyway, after viewing that and remembering the experience that I had quite a few years ago where my father-in-law led our congregation through the meal, I decided to suggest that we do that in our church this year for Maunday Thursday. They all thought it was a great idea, but no one was comfortable with leading it so they asked if I would do it. I’ve got to do quite a bit more studying, but I got the materials from the my father-in-law and I just received the Zola Levitt DVD that I ordered. It’s gonna be interesting. I lead these kinds of things all the time for the youth of the church, but it’s different to imagine how I will lead adults through the same process. A bit more intimidating. I think I’d even be more comfortable preaching than doing this sort of teaching. Anyway, I know the Lord is in this thing, so He will guide me through it all, but it’s just a bit nerve racking for me.

Lord, show me the specifics of what our congregation needs to hear in these teachings. Reveal Yourself to me through this process. Give me peace the night of the event and allow us all to hear you clearly. I also ask for You to give me special favor with the adults of our congregation that night. Help me to communicate the story of Your interventions with Your people so that You can be lifted up and glorified for who You are that night. I’d also ask that You help us to understand the importance of telling Your stories throughout our lives to everyone we meet. Give us another story that night that will help us know You better and communicate to others who You are. I’m trusting in You Lord. AMEN.

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