Our class last week was a bit dissappointing. I’ve really enjoyed the thigns Dr. Loken has been teaching, but he didn’t teach much that week. We spent most of out time doing what he called "show and tell" where he described different Biblical reference materials to us and then passed them around. I know it’s probably a good thing for me to learn about each of those things, but it was just a bit boring. Maybe if he had pulled out a few more examples from those resources and showed us how they really help in understanding the Scriptures. I’m sure that he did some of that, but none of it really hit me like I’ve gotten used to in his classes. Anyway, it’s still going OK. I’m still learning alot and the amount of homework is crazy. I don’t wanna be working a whole lot during the holidays, but it looks like that’s gonna be the case.
Lord, help me.

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