Along with Interpretation, and Application, Observation is the first of the three elements of hermeneutics (science and art of Biblical interpretation). Anyway, the other night in our class we had an "observation" test. They gave us one hour to find all the books of the bible hidden in a two page story. Here’s the file if you’d like to try it yourself.    Bible_brain_teaser_3.doc  (I put the answers on there too so don’t cheat and go find the answers before the hour is up. Anyway, after about 40 minutes I was sick of looking at those pages and just quit. Out of the 57 you could find (they don’t count 1 & 2s) I had found 50 of them. When the hour was up, there was only one guy in class who had found more than I had. He got 54. The good news is that the top three people in the class don’t have to do one of the projects required for an "A" in the class and will still get an "A." I get out of some of the homework and will still get an "A." Wish I could do this a few more times and not have to do any homework for my grade. Let me know if you do better than I did in an hour (without cheating). Some of the easiest ones to find are the ones I missed.

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